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Saturday, January 3, 2009

how to get indian tv channels in UAE, kuala lumpur, dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, kuwayt.

how to get indian DTH tv channels in UAE, kuala lumpur, dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, kuwayt, qatar, bahrain, doha, manama, pakistan, nepal,srilanka, singapore, malasia, bangkok,dhaka.

the india DTH coverage is limited to india territory only. but the satellites are places in such high that it can not restrict signal to scater. so by this we can catch the signal from the satellite by following ways.

first we have get the dish and setupbok STB (MPEG2) from any local dealer with Ku LNB for free to air channels such as from dd direct plus. with is the only one DTh service will provide free to air channels in india. you get a dream box any were in world it is a open source stb.

in selection of the dish we have to take alot of care because it is the most important to catch the signals. normally in india 30cm is more than sufficient but other than india we need the larg dish it depends on the distance from india.

for example to dubai it needs 120cm of dish to get full signal from india satellite. so please choose the proper dish size to get full signal. most important is clear sky view there should not be any object like building are any others objects between the dish and sky. direct shall be facing india and the satellite is INSAT 4B at 93.5c east. it is easy by adjusting it by viewing signal in STB.

for pay channels services like dishtv, sundirect, tatasky, airteldirect, Bigtv. we need to have there STB's. in genaral all there STB's are carring by the passenger from india to respective country's but it is illlegal to carry the india STB's but there is one option is by getting DREAM BOX STB.

if carry any pay service STB there will a smart card with it. by this the encrypt signal are decrypted and you can view the channels. for you have pay the monthly or yearly fee to the service providers.
now a days payments are made easy so you pay through internet.

any technical problem shall be done only in india.

but the illiagal way of geting pay channels for free is through Dream box STB. it is open source STB run in linux with internet connection you can crack the encrypted signal and watch tv for free.

Dear all,

I installed 4 types of DTH setupbox in abu dhabi and dubai.

Sundirect in abu dhabi is working fine with 180cm dish and clear sky view. still date there is no problem.

The Dish tv in dubai is working fine but the signal varies few mins but there is issue in picture quality.

TataSKy installation is high in UAE/Dubai/Sharjah because of quality.

The dth is one way communication system so there no one find from ware your accessing the satellite.

About dream box you can only access tatasky, DD direct plus and dish tv because it is MPEG2 technology.

i found it many shops in dubai/abu dhabi/sharjah. but you have to buy smart card to view pay channels.

please write comments for more details.


Ketan said...

Hi. Thank you very much for posting this information.

Can you please tell me that how can I get this "DREAM BOX STB" in UAE/Dubai/Sharjah?

Have you tried or seen anyone using DREAM BOX STB successfuly anywhere with Big TV/Tata Sky/Dish TV?

Thank you very much in advance :).

What else is required to buy with DREAM BOX STB from DTH service provider?

Johny said...


Yesterday Tatasky blocked service, since they found that I am installed in dubai. I am having a balance of Rs. 2500 on my account.

Is there a way to crack or will buying a dream box help.

kamran said...

i am sure they did not blocked your channels but it should be only a problem of the signal i think you should call and just tell them that can you pls send me the signal on my receiver you dont need to tell them where you are talk like a professional.plus if you have any problem feel free to contact us at www.dubaielectronics.webs.com or email me at kamranzet@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hi kamran i want to buy sun direct if u have plzz reply to my mail mahi224u@yahoo.com

Viperjazz said...

how do i do this in kuala lumpur for dish tv? i have a stb box but need to buy the correct dish

juzer said...

hi, i am looking to buy and require help in installing dreambox in abu dhabi. Can you help me out?

saju said...

Please help me to install one videocon d2h satellite box.


mujeeb said...

i think you have to add details of free to air channels available on Insat 2e.A lot of malayalam channels available throughout middle east.


i think we have to use 180 cm antenna in 83 degree east

jayanji said...

I am planning to bring airtel digtal(HD) receiver to dubai.Please advice the signal availability,dish size direction etc

jayanji said...

I planing to bring airtel digital HD receiver to dubai.Please advice the availability of signal, dish size, direction etc

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Presently I am staying in Batam (indonesia) and have a dishtv STB is it possible to get all indian channels here in indonesia .
Please help in how to receive the signals.