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Saturday, January 3, 2009

how to take two connections from a single DTH like SUNdirect, bigtv, dishtv, dd direct, tatasky, airtel digital

                             this is a simple article to explain how to have two different DTH connection in same house. there are three different types of connections for a DTH in a multiple tv connections in a single house.

1. in a single Dth connection for multiple tv's. in some setupbox (STB) there is a line out facility which will help to have another connection to tv. but you will receive same channel in both of the tv's because the STB is the controler for both tv's.

2. you have to buy second STB and have a spitter ( this is device connect at LNB to share the signal for both STB's) hardware to connect two STB's. there is no need of any dish.

3. the last one is currently runing method of haveing two STB's and TWO LNB's with same dish. 


augustine said...

But you can watch only the same channel. For ex. cricket and movie cannot be watched in two tvs. Or the DTH provider will charge me twice. It is stupid. I shall throw the DTH and go for local cable provider with rf output.

augustine said...

But I can watch only the same channel. I want cricket and movie running in the two tvs at the same time. I don't want to subscribe more. It is possible through rf output of local cable provider. JUST THROW DTH on such need. WHEN THEY CLAIM SO MUCH, CAN'T THESE DTH PROVIDERS DEVELOP TECHONOLOGY TO COMPETE THE LOCAL ONES?